The effects of climate change on our planet include: increases in sea level, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, impacts on water cycles, desertification, fires, and weather event increases, among others. Half of the animals on the planet are at risk of disappearing. The Quito Tribunal accepted the case of Climate Change and advancing of false solutions as a clear violation of the rights of nature, water, animals, and people. The case raises the need to move to a system in harmony with nature to replace the capitalist model of infinite growth and accumulation. The Tribunal in Lima heard additional evidence regarding the impacts to Mother Earth, realities of false solutions such as geoengineering and those responsible for these crimes against nature.

Objective of the Tribunal:  present evidence and advance the case towards COP21 in Paris-France.

Presented by

  • Pablo Solon, Focus on the Global South (Bolivia)

  • Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (Nigeria)

  • Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group (Mexico)

  • Mary Lou Malig, Global Forest Coalition (Thailand)

  • Genevieve Azam, ATTAC (France)

Case presentations in PDF and PowerPoint formats:

(English) (Español)

Pablo Solón introduces the case of Climate Change and False Solutions.  Climate Change is the result of a systemic violation of the Rights of Nature.

Nnimmo Bassey presented the dramatic impacts of Climate Change especially related to flooding, growing water scarcity, and fossil fuel extraction across Africa.  “If we decide to hold back and watch what happens, then Africa is cooked!

Silvia Ribero of ETC Group presents evidence of geoengineering as “geopiracy” and a violation of Rights of Nature.  Pablo Solon introduces Silvia and sets up the question of technology as a solution of rising temperature and the threats of climate change.

Mary Lou Malig presents evidence of the impacts of privatizing nature through carbon markets and false approaches to climate-smart agriculture.  “Climate-smart” agriculture is a new mechanism for creating carbon markets for soil and agriculture.  We need to support a return to small organic farming as a way forward for ecological agriculture.

View Climate Change Case Verdict by Osprey Orielle Lake

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