(Judges: Dominique Bourg and Alberto Acosta)

Presenter Carlos Larrea (Andina Simón Bolivar University)

texaco/Chevron Ecocides Case/ Pablo Fajardo (Lawyer, UDAPT – Union de afectados por Texaco); Humberto Piaguaje (UDAPT – Union de afectados por Texaco)

Pablo Fajardo (lawyer, UDAPT) gave evidence of how the actions of Texaco/Chevron had led to the spilling of millions of gallons crude oil and the dumping of billions of gallons of toxic wastewater and hazardous waste, which had left devastating effects on Mother Earth and indigenous communities. Whilst Texaco/Chevron had left the area, the toxic substances remain in the cycles of Mother Earth. Mr Fajardo argued that the acts of Texaco/Chevron were an Ecocide as rivers do not recognise human borders and thus significant and durable damage had been done on a part of the Global Commons as defined under Article 6 of the Ecocide Amendments. In addition Humberto Piaguaje (of the Secoya people) explained how the pollution of the waters was a killing of the spirit of the river that was part of his peoples’ cosmovision, such cosmovision arguably being part of the Global Commons through being a cultural service of spiritual enrichment under Article 7 of the Ecocide Amendments.

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